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These Terms of Use apply to the access and use of our website https://www.periodimages.com and our related websites and mobile device applications (collectively known as the "Websites") as well as all related services (collectively known as "PI Services") and all transactions and orders submitted by you on the Websites and PI Services.

By accessing, purchasing from, or using the Websites or PI Services you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions ("Terms of Use"):

The General Terms and Conditions below apply to all users, clients, affiliates, business to business partners ("B2B") of the Websites or PI Services.

Section A: General Terms and Conditions of Use

1 Acceptable Use of the Websites and PI Services
1.1 You must be 18 years or older to use this site.
1.2 You must be human. If you are not sure, please look up the definition.
1.3 You agree that you have read and understood the licensing terms as described in our "Photo and Video Licenses Explained" sections and also the following conditions stated below:
1.4 Websites and PI Services images are primarily for Book Covers, book-related Promotional Materials, and permitted Artwork only.
1.5 Websites and PI Services images may not be used for advertising and commercial campaigns of companies, websites, and products not related to books, unless acquired with express permission under specific special licensing.
1.6 Websites and PI Services photos, videos, and licenses may not be used for, and by individuals/businesses/websites/magazines or publications/film or video production engaged in pornography, sex trade, illegal activities, and similar industries.
1.7 Purchasing the License to use PI Services, Book Cover Artwork, images, videos, and visual content does not transfer the Copyright to you. Period Images retains all exclusive rights to the images and content of this website.
1.8 You may not publish or share stock photos, stock videos, or any visual content in their original form on the world wide web, or in print. Only derivative artworks from the photos and videos may be shared and published.
1.9 YOU MAY NOT Portray any person depicted in Visual Content (an "Actor," "Talent," or "Model") or use the Visual Content (Photos and Videos) as stated below:

a) You may not resell, redistribute, provide access to, share, or transfer any Visual Content in its original form on the World Wide Web, Social Media, to another individual, organization, or business, except for individuals, businesses, or organizations (also referred to as "Subcontractors") subcontracted by the licensee to create derivative work from Stock Videos.

b) Unless a Video Stills License is procured, you may not use "stills" derived from Footage in ebook covers, or printed book covers, or any type of printed matter. "Stills" may not be derived from footage for sharing in social media, or any web, or print media unless a Web + Print Video Stills License is acquired. Licensed Stills must be protected by the copyright holder's watermark, or altered to include your own branding in connection with the marketing, promotion, and advertising of your derivative works incorporating the Footage to protect your completed work from digital theft.

c) You may not falsely represent that any Visual Content was created by you or another person other than the copyright holder(s) of that Visual Content.
VJ Dunraven Productions LLC, Period Images, & Maria Chronis retains perpetual copyright to all licensed visual content from www.PeriodImages.com

d) You may not use any Visual Content in a pornographic, defamatory, or deceptive context, or illegal activity, or in connection with any form of pornography, adult videos, adult entertainment venues, escort services, dating services, or any similar form of project, business, or entity.

e.) You may not use Visual Content designated "Editorial Use Only" for commercial purposes.

f.) You may not use Visual Content in connection with any political policy or viewpoint or the promotion, advertisement or endorsement of any party, candidate, or elected official or any agenda that is controversial or may be offensive to the public.

1.10 You may not use the PI Services or Websites or Websites Content for any illegal purposes or for any usage prohibited by our Terms and Conditions of Use.
1.11 You are responsible for your account. You may not authorize others to use your account, and you may not assign or otherwise transfer your account to any other person or entity. You agree to notify Period Images or the Websites immediately if you discover unauthorized use of your account. The Website will not be liable for any loss that you may incur as a result of someone else using your account, either with or without your knowledge.
1.12 If you are provided with a code, password or any other piece of information as part of our security procedures for high security content, you must treat such information as confidential or you may disclose it to any third party at your own risk. The Websites will not be liable for any loss that you may incur as a result of someone else using your account, either with or without your knowledge.
1.13 You are solely responsible for your conduct and any data, text, fonts, overlays, information, graphics, profiles, files, images, photos, video, sounds, musical works, works of authorship, applications, links or any other materials (collectively, "User Content") that you upload to, edit, transmit, and display using the Websites or PI Services with the exclusion of the content derived from the Websites or Pi Services.
1.14 Period Images does not manage and is not responsible for the User Content.
1.15 We reserve the right to refuse services to anyone or terminate an existing account at any time.
1.16 We reserve the right to terminate any account that violates Copyright, Trademark law or other intellectual property laws.


By purchasing and using Book Cover Artwork from VJ Dunraven Productions LLC, PeriodImages.com and it's Contributors, you agree and understand the following:

2.1 Artwork is sold and licensed only once. "Buy" links are terminated once an Artwork is sold and paid for to prevent any more purchases. In case of duplicate sales, the buyer who has completed the transaction first will be awarded the license. Other buyers will be refunded and any duplicate licenses will be cancelled.

2.2 Artwork may only be used for book covers and promotional materials related to the particular book it is used for.

2.3 Artwork and Derivative Works from the artwork may not be resold in any media. Derivative works from the Artwork is not permitted.

2.4 Artwork is sold as-is. No major changes or alterations in the artwork can be made before or after the sale, except for the addition of necessary texts, branding, model hair color changes, and the addition of a spine and back cover for the print front cover by artists hired by the licensee.

2.5 Model images in the artwork are from www.PeriodImages.com with a non-exclusive, multi-use, web + print license. Some backgrounds are sourced from various commercial stock, but most are exclusively designed, handcrafted, and created by the Pi Creative Team and PiC Lab Team.

2.6 Addition of Book Title, Author Branding, and other text is not included in the sale. You may add your own or hire a cover artist. (We will gladly recommend a cover artist if you do not have one--just ask. :) )

2.7 Addition of cover text does not transfer the artwork copyright to you or your artist. Design Credit should state: Images and Cover Art Illustration by Period Images, Pi Creative Lab and _________(Pi contributor as stated in artwork file name.) Cover Text, Logo (if applicable), and Branding (if applicable) by _____________(your hired artist.)

2.8 VJ Dunraven Productions LLC, Mary Chronis, Period Images, Pi Creative Lab and its Contributors retain all copyright to the artwork, source files, images, and materials used in producing the artwork. Artwork Source Files or PSD files are not available for sale, nor can access be granted to anyone.

2.9 All Artwork licensing sales are final. No refunds, or returns/exchanges will be entertained.


VJ Dunraven Productions LLC, the Producers and Operators of www.PeriodImages.com (collectively known as "Period Images",) and our related websites and mobile device applications (collectively known as the "Websites") as well as all related services (collectively known as "PI Services") respect your right to privacy.

Information We Collect:

Basic Registration Information and how we use it: Period Images collect the following information through our Websites: your name, e-mail address, other email addresses associated with your personal account, User ID, device type, your location and IP Address in order for Period Images to provide you service, process transactions, deliver images, email new stock updates, coupons, notices and newsletters.

Third Parties Where Your Information May be Disclosed:

Period Images works with third party vendors who assist in providing services, processing information and provide support:

a.) Payment Processing: Period Images does not collect, store or have access to the payment information you provide to Paypal

b.) Customer Service and Management Vendors who helps us answer queries promptly and manage immediate customer service needs

c.) Email Marketing Services vendors such as MailChimp

d.) Web Analytics vendors such as Google Analytics who assist us in the improvement and use of the Websites, Period Images and PI Services

e.) Storage Partners such a Dropbox Business

f.) Social Media Platforms where you elect to share your book covers, artwork or any related projects including promotions

g.) Period Images' Insurance providers and legal services providers as needed for compliance

h.) Advertising Networks: Aggregated Information Only

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Communication Subscription:
You may choose to unsubscribe at any time by clicking "Unsubscribe" on the bottom of each email or updating your preferences in your account.

Period Images retains your information only as long as necessary. If you delete your account, Period Images will not keep your information.

The Websites, VJ Dunraven Productions LLC, Period Images, and PI Services reserves the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy at any time. A notification will be sent to subscribers in the event that a necessary change or update is made.