Exclusive Shoot FAQs




  • Our images are primarily for Book Covers, book-related Promotional Materials, and permitted Artwork only. 
  • Our photos and licenses may not be used for, and by individuals/businesses/websites/magazines or publications/film or video production engaged in pornography, sex trade, illegal activities, and similar industries. 


  Authors and Publishers:

Are you looking for custom images photographed to your specifications?

 For more info, read our Exclusive/Custom Shoot FAQs below:


Q: What is an Exclusive/Custom Shoot?

A: An Exclusive/Custom Shoot is a photo or video shoot you request us to do according to your directions and choice of models which we will provide for you to select from. Photos from these shoots are licensed for commercial use.

Q: How much does a full production shoot cost?

A: Our Production Shoots cost around 10K to 20K per session. VJ Dunraven Productions LLC or Period Images finances all film production and custom shoot production costs so you don't have to. This includes Hair Stylists, Makeup Artists, VFX Artists, Wardrobe Designers, Wardrobe Stylists, Production Designers, DPs, DITs, SRs, Casting fees, Model/Actor Fees, Photographer fees, Studio or Location fees, Props, Custom-made Wardrobe, Editors, Production Assistants, and Shoot Coordinators. You only pay for the Exclusive License to use one or more photos in one particular genre and one particular pose.


Q: How much will a custom photoshoot Exclusive Licensing cost me?

A: If you time your shoot with our Major Production Shoots and use the models attending the major shoot then the cost will only be:

  • $450.00 for one model (Male or Female) in a single pose (License Rates may vary depending on current model rates.)
  • $550 and up for two models (Male + Female) in a single pose (License Rates may vary depending on current model rates.)
  • If you want 3 models in a single pose, base rate for all is $750 and up. (License Rates may vary depending on current model rates.) If you need more than 3 models, additional models are $300++ each depending on current model rates.
  • To get an exact rate quote, please inquire at PeriodImages@outlook.com or use our contact form on the website. Please note: Exclusive/custom shoots are non-refundable. 


Q: What important details should I know about Custom shoots and Exclusive Licenses? 

A: Buying an Exclusive/Custom License means you'll have an image shot to your specifications in your book cover.

  • It allows usage to an UNLIMITED number of books (audiobooks, eBooks, paperbacks, hardcovers, etc.) including web and print promotional materials and trailers.
  • All photos from a custom shoot are licensed for commercial use.
  • Please note, an exclusive/custom license is not the same as copyright. Period Images still owns the copyright for the images.
  • You are not allowed to share the image or images for others to use.
  • If you are an author and you have a publisher, you can either have your publisher buy the exclusive/custom license, or have your publisher get an "Extended Use License" (If you, the author, already bought the Exclusive/Custom License). An "Extended Use License" allows your publisher to use your Exclusive/Custom Image for your books printed under their label. The cost for an "Extended Use License" is $75.00 (After the Exclusive/Custom License cost)
  • We believe in Creative Inclusivity. Poses are universal to all creatives worldwide and cannot be made exclusive.
  • Models are people who work for a living just like all of us. They cannot work exclusively for your custom shoot only, nor forbidden to work in other Period Images shoots.
  • The wardrobe provided is the property of VJ Dunraven Productions. These are original designs custom crafted by our wardrobe team and will be used for other shoots as well.   


Q: I wish to proceed. What do I need to provide? 

A: Send the following info to PeriodImages@outlook.com:

1.) Your model selection from the Pi cast offered for the specific shoot date you've chosen.

2.) Describe the pose you want in detail (only one pose per order.)

3.) Send inspiration photos of the pose or facial expressions you want, or refer to images in our galleries.  

4.) Describe the manner of dress, type of footwear, and accessories. Mention the do's and don'ts.

5.) Provide picture references of the attires you want. For Period Shoots, refer to the costumes in our galleries. Suggest colors you like. For Modern shoots, send us picture references of the style you need. Our wardrobe stylists will compose something similar. As long as your costuming requirements can be fulfilled with our vast wardrobe and prop collection in our warehouse, there is no extra charge. Also, you are welcome to send in your own costumes.

6.) Describe the hairstyles and send us picture references.

7.) If there is anything else you need for us to know, please do not hesitate to mention it or send several pictures illustrating it. The more detail the Creative Team has, the better.